Mission Statement

Altitude First International aspires to be a gold class provider of education in the field of simulated altitude training. We research and embrace a broad range of applications for simulated altitude technology and develop an international network of consultants, creating awareness not only in sports performance or acclimatisation but also health and well-being for general populations.

Company Overview

Altitude First International (AFI) is a provider of education, support and consultation for altitude simulation technology.
Delivering a premium standard of education via multimedia and interactive access for all, AFI facilitates training options to suit every requirement. Education is available face to face and via online delivery providing practical application of simulated altitude to all environments.

The AFI education platform provides students and clients the opportunity to increase their knowledge of this valuable training tool using best practice through face to face and eLearning options.

AFI consultants and training facilitators have extensive knowledge of the application of SAT. This involves firsthand experience using this technology within the health club personal fitness and small group training structure as well as application in the sports performance, rehabilitation, martial arts, military and the trekking and adventure market.

AFI Learning

AFI eLearning uses a contemporary learning management system (LMS) that is both user friendly and adheres to eLearning best practice. Developed to provide an education platform for fitness professionals and health club management pre and post installation of a simulated altitude facility.

AFI eLearning courses are both cost affective and easily accessible with the online lectures, workshops and webinars offering continued support and progression. AFI eLearning coordinates with face to face and practical components providing the student with theoretical knowledge and practical experience.


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