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You know your business. AFI Business Solutions offer a consultation service specifically designed to guide you through the numerous applications of SAT to tailor it to suit your business marketing and client retention strategy.

We provide bespoke business focused solutions which support the successful application of SAT in your chosen market. Our services include input to your business strategy, assistance with identifying business opportunities and providing tools and ideas to engage your target clients.

Combined with the AFI education platform, the AFI Business Solutions consultation workshops will highlight key SAT applications referencing the most recent scientific studies.

Simulated Altitude Training (SAT) Applications Workshops:

Workshop One – Identify.Your team will identify specific SAT applications to suit your business model, improve client retention and maximise income.


Workshop Two – Marketing and Education Strategy.Your team will develop an education and marketing strategy utilising the AFI Business Solutions SAT Applications Tool.


Workshop Three – Implementation.Your team will develop a roadmap for the addition and integration of SAT within your business structure.


Structured Approach    •    Increased Income    •    Improved Retention

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